AER’s Commitment to YOU

AER’s Commitment to YOU

AER are committed to providing quality recruitment for our North Shore clients and candidates.  You can count on us to ensure a professional, quality process every step of the way.  As part of this service commitment, we have developed a promise of service that underpins our recruitment process from assessment to post-placement follow up. 

Here are some of the key services you will receive during the three stages of the recruitment process:


  • Assess and identify the skill sets and competencies required for the position
  • Advertise in the local, national and internet job sites as required
  • Search our database for current candidates who are a match with the skill and competencies required
  • Resume screening, telephone interview and interview times made for qualified candidates
  • Candidates interviewed and assessed using our 20 point interview process
  • Candidates are tested using SkillCheck
  • Personality profiling and cognitive assessments completed
  • Further Psychometric testing organised if required


  • Introduce the candidate to the company, job role, career opportunities, benefits etc and advise the candidate to review the client website
  • Candidate profiles and resume are prepared for candidates who meet the selection criteria and are recommended for interview
  • Organise interview times, follow up with candidate for feedback and interest in the company and position
  • Organise verbal reference checking with previous employers confirming experience, skills, competencies, personality, flexibility, communication, attitude, initiative and reliability in the workplace

Follow Up

  • Job offer, congratulations letter sent to candidate
  • Unsuccessful candidates notified and debriefed
  • Guarantee period commences on start date which includes feedback from client and candidate
  • Ongoing contact to measure success of AER's recruitment strategies