Interview Tips for YOU the Employer

Interview Tips for YOU the Employer
  1. Have your questions ready  - they should be written down and relevant to the position and the competencies required  - make notes

  2. Ensure you use the same technique with each candidate asking the same questions and recording their responses

  3. Ask questions about real life work situations and how they would or did handle them, and what the outcome and results were

  4. You can ask about their interests and hobbies outside the workplace, but be careful not to ask questions in conflict with the Discrimination Act

  5. Try to have a second person with you during the interview as this will allow a second opinion when you compare notes at the end of the session

  6. Use AER to select and ensure your time is only spent with candidates who have the competencies and skill base to do the job well - making your job a little easier – ensuring you get the right person for the team

  7. Do not offer a candidate the role on the spot….always say that you will get back to the agency and they will be in touch.